Sailing Race Starts is a newly released Android app designed for sailors and race committees. It provides many different customizable audio start sequences. You can download Sailing Race Starts Pro or Free from the Google Play Store or from Amazon or click here for more information.

Android app on Google Play


Sailing Race Starts is designed for ALL android devices and has many features! Here are some of them: 5-minute Rule 26 horn starts, 5-minute Rule 26 gun starts, 3-minute ISSA starts (high school), 3-minute ICSA starts (collegiate), 5-minute voice starts, 5-minute match racing starts, 3-minute voice starts, ISSA 2-minute and 1-minute starts (for practice), ICSA 2-minute and 1 minute starts (for practice), selectable heads-up sound, selectable heads-up time, rolling starts, individual recall, general recall, postpone up, general recall/postpone down, abandon, exact time race began, countdown timer continues in the negative after start to measure time after start and race duration, sound pad for finish sounds (beep and whistle) and 6 other sounds.

Sailing Race Starts is the latest development of Dan Zwerg’s proven start system. Dan Zwerg created the sounds and created the program to play the sounds. He is the Director of Technology and coaches sailing at St. Stanislaus College. His experience and passion for sailing in combination with his technology skills led him to put this project together.

You can use this app to start races, of course. Just connect it by wire or Bluetooth to a loudspeaker system and you are all set. High school and college students can use an Android device and headphones to practice starts over and over. During an actual race, you can play a voice start on your boat synchronized to your race committee’s sound signals. It will count down the time verbally, freeing up a crew member to do more important things. A race committee that is determined to produce sounds manually can use it as an accurate visual and audio timer with beeps at all the right points to remind you to get ready with the flags.

This is a valuable premium app built by an avid sailor, race coach, and race official. You will love it.

Here are a few screenshots from the app: