This is a site I built for Coast Aero Ventures Unlimited. Coast Aero Ventures Unlimited is a flight school in Ocean Springs, MS. It’s an awesome place to learn to fly!







This is a site I built for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. It shows the travels of the early brothers and makes connections to their Rule of Life.








This is a site I built for the Mississippi Coast RC Club in Gulfport, MS.








If you need a boat captain, a yacht delivery, or instruction on how to sail or operate your boat, check out this website!








This website is for Ecole St. Jean, a Brothers of the Sacred Heart school located in Haiti. The site is in French, but is easily translated to any language with the press of a button.







This blog is for the most amazing group of people I know. The Sail the Bahamas group has sailed in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas from 2009 to present. Here you will see pictures from all the trips.






I help this family manage their blog Adventures of a Tribe as they sail around the world.











This website is for novateam.us, a group of computer gaming enthusiasts. I got them started on the design and am hosting their site, but I have to give Zeke most of the credit for the great look of this site!






Southern Camper SalesThis is for Southern Camper Sales in Biloxi, MS. Southern Camper Sales specializes in camper sales, parts, and service. They even do camper collision repair. Since I am an avid camper myself, it was a pleasure to build this site for these awesome people. This site is primarily an online database of campers and all the details about them. Each detail is searchable and browseable.






Taxi-Express-IncThis is a site I developed for Taxi Express Inc. located in Amherst, Massachusetts. It features a unique image and text slider on the main page, nice fade-in and fade-out features, an online booking form, a Google map, and much more. It’s hard to screen-capture the motion on the homepage, so please click on the link and check it out.





DanZwerg.com - Web Design

Of course this site is my own site advertising Dan Zwerg Web Design. This site features excellent graphics capabilities. This style of website is very unique and works best for a web design or graphic design business. There are actually two sliders working simultaneously on the main page, the background images and the text. Both work independently of one another and any number of each can be used. As well, each page is configured with its own background image. For the three featured pages, a small version of the background image is displayed on the main page. There are a lot of hidden extras that I’ve installed in the way of plugins.





Southern Printing

This site is for Southern Printing located in Pass Christian, Mississippi. They print on just about anything. I get all my printing done there because they do a great job and are awesome people to deal with.







I developed an Android app called Sailing Race Starts a couple of years ago. This app is now used all over the world! If you are into sailboat racing, check out the site and check out the app!






This is a website I developed for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Haiti.