I build the best websites possible to make you look your absolute best!

I am accomplished at most things technical. Anyone who claims to know everything is either lying or is delusional, so I don’t want to make any false claims here! I have built (and continue to do so as needs arise) my own computers and servers, built and managed networks, managed information services, managed DNS, and the list goes on. So most of the peripheral technical knowledge related to servers and website hosting is firmly under my belt.

web-design-conceptI have lightening fast and rock-solid reliable server space available for any number of websites large or small with the very latest of everything. I have the capability of giving you what you need. If you want to build your own site and need someone to get it going and host it for you, pretty much hands-off, I can do that. If you need someone to do a great job of building and maintaining your site, I can do that.

What I won’t do, is a poor job on your website. I demand much more of myself and pride myself in what I do. You too, deserve better than that. Unfortunately, everyday I see examples of poor planning, logic that makes no sense, and websites with no clear purpose. What you will get, is my very best effort. If we’re trying to do something that I haven’t done before, you can be sure that I will gnaw on the problem like a bulldog until it is solved.

I am at present specializing in WordPress websites. The websites of old are called “static” sites. That is, the pages just sit there. They don’t do anything but display whatever they are intended to display. Times have changed and websites have changed tremendously! WordPress is the latest tool to make “dynamic” websites. Things on these sites change and move and adapt. What I find to be extremely useful, is the notion of using a theme for your website. If you (or I) find a WordPress site that you like and can figure out the theme that was used, you can build a site that looks and feels like it by using the same theme. Additionally, WordPress uses plugins. Plugins expand the capability of a WordPress site exponentially. The plugins under the hood of this website for example can take your contact form and send it to my phone in an instant. Another plugin backs the site up daily. Yet another manages how the site is delivered to mobile devices.

The downside to the evolving technology is that one must keep up with it in order to take advantage of it. Most people just simply don’t, can’t, won’t, or are otherwise not inclined to spend hundreds of hours figuring all this out. That’s where a good website designer, web host, or some other technical person can help you out. If your project and my talents match up, I could be that person for you.